In this potentially hazardous industry, JRT Mechanical believes that injury-free job performance is obtainable. This creed has been emphasized with a dynamic safety program constantly looking for ways to improve the processes we put into each installation. The reason for our success has been our outstanding employees, who are actively involved in our Accident Prevention policy-making


Before our employees even walk onto a jobsite, they are trained to our demanding expectations of jobsite conduct and safe working habits. During this orientation we stress hazard analysis and employee responsibilities. If unsafe conditions present themselves, we demand that such hazards be identified and work in the area halted until such hazards can be corrected. Our Foremen keep this edge sharp by leading site specific safety meetings that focus on potential hazards our employees may encounter.


Before work begins on a job, we critically analyze what hazards may be found and develop a site-specific safety plan. This ensures that our craftsmen are prepared with the tools and information they need to complete the job safely. We also continue this analysis with jobsite inspections throughout the duration of the project.


Our safety Committee meets each month to discuss safety issues that have arisen, as well as to identify hazards before they become an issue. This forum allows us to be pro-active in our philosophy to safety rather than re-active.